Project Maths & Exam Revision

Dear 5th Year Maths Parent,

As you may know, the Leaving Certificate Mathematics syllabus is undergoing considerable change. These changes are taking place under the name of “Project Maths” and, as a result, your daughter will sit a different type of Leaving Certificate Maths exam than those students who sat Leaving Certificate Maths exams before her.

The below is a quote from the Project Maths website,

“Project Maths involves the introduction of revised syllabuses for both Junior and Leaving Certificate Mathematics. It involves changes to what students learn in mathematics, how they learn it and how they will be assessed,”

In relation to the new layout of the Maths Leaving Certificate Exam, your daughter will be presented with two papers where she will be required to answer ALL questions on each paper. This is different to years past when students were given some choice as to what questions / topics they wished to address, i.e. answer 6 of the 8 questions (topics) presented on the paper.

One effect of this change is that your daughter (and her classmates) will have less in-class exam revision time in advance of her exams than the students who took the Leaving Certificate in years prior. The reason being that the elimination of question choice on the papers means that in order for a student to successfully prepare for the new exam, she will have to study ALL topics on the course; not a subset of topics as in the past.

Teachers will now be teaching ALL topics on the course in contrast to the previous common practice of choosing not to cover certain topics knowing that students could simply choose not to answer those questions on the day of the exams. By choosing not to teach certain topics, teachers created additional in-class revision time for those questions (topics) their students would be answering on the exam days. As such, while your daughter’s older siblings or friends may have “finished their maths course” two months in advance of the Leaving Certificate, this will not be the case for your daughter who is studying the new Project Maths course.

By being aware of the above,  hopefully, we will be better able to support your daughter in her maths studies. If she is the type of student who works diligently week-to-week, then she is doing exactly what she needs to do in order to get the most out of the new syllabus. If your daughter is the type of learner who approaches day-to-day study in a casual manner banking on end-of-course revision as the time to get down to “serious study”, then Project Maths will present itself as particularly challenging for her.

As a result, it is more important than ever that your daughter follow through on her daily homework, study for tests and follow-up test corrections. The more effort she puts into her daily work during fifth and sixth year will translate into getting the most out of her maths learning and greater success for her on the Leaving Certificate.

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Free Copy of Textbook: First & Fifth Years

Dear First Year and Fifth Year Maths Parents,

I am posting this to inform you that you and your daughter can now download a digital copy of her maths textbook from for free. Assuming your daughter has easy and ready access to a computer at home, downloading this copy will alleviate the need for her to take her textbook  home in the evenings.

You or your daughter can access the e-book version of her textbook via

Once you’ve added the e-book to your shopping cart, you will see the price of the e-book as 0.00 euro.

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