How this blog came about

The idea for this blog came about as a result of a specific 2nd year maths lesson back in September 2009.

The class had just watched and discussed the first part of Mr. Nystrom’s Fun with Fractions video clip and the period was about to end. A number of students were so taken with the clip (Mr. Nystrom’s delivery is hilarious) that they wanted to watch the rest of it that evening at home. I explained to the students that they could access the complete clip on YouTube. (I screen and download all the clips I use in advance of class.)

Later on in the day, I got to thinking that it would be worthwhile to have an online presence dedicated to giving students (and their parents) links to the digital resources I use during class time. This blog is my attempt at doing just that.

Of course, over time, other math teachers and students have visited Mr. Kendall recommends…, used some of the resources and shared their teaching and learning ideas with me. All very welcome and all much appreciated. ­čÖé

About Mr. Kendall

I am a mathematics and ICT teacher at Loreto Secondary School, St. Michael’s, Navan, County Meath, Ireland. The school is an all-girls post primary school (7th – 12th grade) serving approximately 760 students. This year, I teach 3rd Year Higher Level and 6th Year Ordinary Level Maths students.

Contact email address: tkendall “at” loretonavan.ie

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